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About Us

Here at Ravern, we aim to be the world’s leading personal assistance platform that allows anybody to have any tasks completed at any time because we believe that by tapping onto under-utilised knowledge and resources, we can get more done with less.


The Ravern Way

People first, always.

We strive to create a lasting, positive impact on people and societies by using our platform to encourage a culture of helping one another.


Courier/Food Delivery

Delivering items to your doorstep is outdated.

For the times that we're not at the office or at home. Fret not, you may even be at the mall shopping, we deliver your item wherever you are, whenever you want it.


Bulky Items

Regardless of size, we'll treat it like our baby.

Tired of overspending on movers whilst watching them manhandle your furniture?


Virtual Tasks

Sometimes, meeting face to face can be unnecessary.

Do you need help with designing a logo, or simply require a quick virtual lesson to troubleshoot a problem?


Quick fix

Help is everywhere.

Stranded on the highway with a flat tire? Or you may just need a lightbulb replaced. We've got you, anywhere, anytime.


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Join the community and help make it a better place!

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone" Ronald Reagan


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